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Location for advertising and filming

This estate has been inhabited from the 1st century BC and it has also been in constant evolution through different ages and styles. As a consequence, it has come to have a special architecture with  different spaces, and it has become into a remarkable scene with a unique added value.

Not having neighbours is an important fact to emphasize, filmings […]

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Sentromà museum, XX centuries of culture

You’ll gaze at a collection of unique pieces found in our Roman site from the 1st century BC until now. The history of the mankind in one space.

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Guided tour to the Roman site

You’ll walk through Roman diggings while our guide will tell you how the Romans lived, their customs, anecdotes and hobbies. Have a good time and make the most of it while broadening your own culture.

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Wine-pairing in the wine cellar

You already probably know what a wine-pairing is. Surely (or nearly), you have never done it in such an authentic place. Check it out with your own eyes.

Foto de Ester González

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Gourmet tapas with wine-pairing

Have you eaten a million of tapas and you are still fascinated by them? So are we.

Enjoy of good quality tapas with wine-pairing and forget the world.

Foto por Ester González

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Opera & classical music concerts

Put yourself in this situation: Imagine yourself surrounded by nature, with dim light and listening to a concert which fills the whole place and relaxes you. Now that you have imagined it, carry it out, it is even better.

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Artisanal winemaking, as did the Romans

Can you imagine the feeling of making wine as Romans did in the 1st century BC?

Would you like to try it? Come, try it out with us a and taste the result.

This really is an experience to explain!


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Sentromà, former Consulate of Monaco

Sentromà was the Consulate of Monaco for many years, and our grandfather was the consul.

The prince Rainiero and the princess Grace of Monaco were at Sentromà accompanied with Juan Antonio Samaranch and his wife Bibi Salisachs, among other celebrities. According to our aunt, the princess Grace had a sweet and charming voice, and the prince Rainiero was more reserved.

They stayed here for a whole […]

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