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My name is Teresa de Sentromà, I am 16 years old and my father wants me to get married… but he does not want any marriage for me.  He has offered my hand to the man who gives me a gold embroidered dress!

My name is Epifanio de Fortuny and Van Osterdoom. I am 16 years old, I could escape from Femeret’s riot alive and I went to live with the only family I still have, my aunt from Mataró.

I met her today. Her name is Teresa. I’ve heard that her father has offered her hand to the man who can give her a gold embroidered dress…

I met him today. His name is Epifanio. I’ve been observing him and he has also looked at me… I don’t know when I will see him again. I’ve been told that he lives with his aunt.

The destiny wanted Epifanio to be able to find the new treasure his father had hidden away before dying, and thanks to this he could buy the golden thread with which he ordered the bridal gold embroidered dress for Teresa. You can imagine the rest although there is still something else… as a sign of his great love,  he gave her a silver embroidered dress too.

They got married here, in Sentromà, in 1816.

We are the siblings De Fortuny, descendants of Teresa de Sentromà and Epifanio De Fortuny Van Oosterom (yes, the golden dress one!).

We are excited to share this unique house with you, show you its parts and explain you its secrets.

Come and see a space where the prince and princess of Monaco have stayed, among lots of other celebrities.

A space for events with an impressive story from which you can be part of.

Come and see it, your search will have ended.

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Our customers opinions

PearlSandals has celebrated two weddings in Sentromà. This place is magic, with a history which dates back to Roman times, the style that Grace and Rainiero provided with when it was the Consulate of Monaco, the impressive and majestic house and its divine gardens and its gorgeous sea and Barcelona views.

Gisela and Carlos are lovely and  provide that little extra that makes all events a success. We hope to bring much more happy couples.

Petra Wolf Duffy, PearlSandals
Our family had a great time in Sentromà.
Roger Seegobin
Gorgeous! We got married in Sentromà five years ago and every time I see the pictures I like the magic of every corner of this space.
Maria José Muñoz Martínez
It is so easy to hold an unforgettable party in such a special place. Thank you so much!
Cristina Polo Poveda
Sentromà is an idyllic place to get married!! No more decorations are needed… The environment is enough!! Thanks for your implication, Gisela and Carlos. It was the best day of our lives.
Marta Díaz
Celebrating our wedding in such a glamorous place was a dream come true.
Alejandro y Luis

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